Debit Card Activation

To activate your new debit card and set a PIN, please call 800-290-7893. The card cannot be used until activated. If you are outside of the US call 206-624-7998.

In-Touch Telephone Banking

Even when the Internet is down, you can still access your accounts — using your touch-tone phone. Farmers Bank In-Touch Telephone banking lets you check on your accounts without having to visit a bank.

Call toll-free to hear your account balances in real time, to make transfers, make loan payments and more. For local residents, call (479) 996-8866 or toll-free, (877) 996-8866.

  • Keep up with your accounts from your touch-tone phone
  • No Internet access required
  • Obtain account balances
  • Review transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Request fax copies of statements
  • And more!

Safe Deposit Boxes1

We offer safe deposit boxes to our customers. Visit your nearest branch location for more information.

1Contents are not insured or guaranteed by the bank, the FDIC, or by any other government agency.

Wire Transfers

We offer domestic and international wire transfers as a service to our customers.

Overdraft Privilege

At Farmers Bank, we do not encourage overdrafts but realize mistakes happen. For instance, if an error was made in recording account transactions, or if a deposit wasn't' made to cover the purchase, or if you need funds in an emergency. Farmers Bank offers Overdraft Privilege that will give you peace of mind that your transaction(s) will be paid, regardless of whether sufficient funds are in your account.

An overdraft occurs when you write a check, make an ATM transaction, make a debit card purchase or make an automatic bill payment or other electronic payment for an amount greater than the balance in your checking account. An overdraft fee of $30.75 per returned check (per item, per presentment) or paid as an overdraft (per item) occurs if Farmers Bank pays an overdraft transaction on your behalf. 

Standard Overdraft Privilege pays these items:

  • Checks you write, and checks initiated by online Bill Pay
  • ACH electronic payments for bills automatically drafted from your account
  • Recurring debit card transactions, such as a monthly membership or subscription
  • Does not include everyday debit card transactions or ATM withdrawals Overdraft

Privilege with Opt-In rule pays these items:

If you have opted-in:

  • All of the items included in Standard Overdraft Privilege
  • Everyday debit card purchases at retailers including gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • One-time online card payments including utilities, online shopping and travel reservations

If you do not opt in: we will decline any debit purchase or ATM withdrawals more than your available balance.

We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time, even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for you. However, if you maintain your account in good standing, defined as: (a) making regular deposits; (b) bringing the account to a positive balance every thirty days or less; and (c) there are no legal orders outstanding, we will approve your reasonable overdrafts as a non-contractual courtesy. Whether we pay or return a Non-Sufficient Funds item, $30.75 per item will be charged to your account.

Stop Payments

Request a stop payment on a check by calling Farmers Bank at (479) 996-4171 or (479) 649-3000.

Report Fraud

If you suspect fraud on your checking account, immediately contact Farmers Bank at (479) 996-4171.