We work with the U.S. government to help more people realize their dream of becoming homeowners.


If you need assistance securing a home mortgage loan, Farmers Bank offers government-backed programs. FHA loans requires only a 3.5% down payment. They are easier to qualify for and are designed to help more Americans fulfill their dreams of home ownership.

We also provide Veterans Administration (VA) Loans, which provides U.S. veterans and active service members the opportunity to buy a home with no down payment and minimal closing costs. Talk to a Farmers Bank lender about which program is right for you!

  • Special government-backed programs
  • Easier to close than a standard loan
  • Get pre-qualified for better bargaining power
  • Local service and fast approvals

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans

  • Easier to qualify than a standard loan
  • Lower down payment
  • Pre-qualification available
  • Quick decisions, and local service


FHA loans make a home mortgage available even if credit scores and income fall below the traditional measures for a home mortgage. Some of the basic qualifications are:

  • Two years of steady employment
  • Credit score of 640 or higher (or no credit score at all)
  • Any bankruptcy must be at least two years old
  • Any foreclosure must be at least three years old
  • Your new mortgage payment should not exceed 43% of your gross income (before taxes)

Additionally there are lending limits associated with FHA loans. These vary by county. To see the maximum home value for which you can apply for an FHA loan, click here.

Veterans Administration (VA) Loans

Designed to assist our country's veterans and active service members, qualifying individuals can take advantage of VA loans with no down payment and minimal closing costs.

  • Available to veterans and active military service members
  • Typically require no down payment
  • Minimal closing costs
  • Find more information here